Documents for Meeting 14 January 2010 - Fire - Finance & General Purposes Committee

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Apologies for AbsenceReport
2Declarations of InterestReport
5Budget Monitoring: 3rd Quarter 2009/10Report
5.1Budget Monitoring: 3rd Quarter 2009/10 - Appendix 1Report
6Updated Draft Budget 2010/11Report
6.1 Appendix 1Report
6.2Appendix 2Report
6.3Appendix 3Report
6.4Appendix 4Report
6.5Appendix 5Report
6.6Appendix 6Report
6.7Appendix 7Report
6.8Appendix 8Report
6.9Appendix 9Report
6.9.1Appendix 10Report
7Review of Governance StructureReport
7.1Appendix 1Report
8Winchester Fire Station - Tender Evaluation and Award of the Contract (Report to follow)Report

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