Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton

Minerals and Waste Local Plan:
Adopted December 1998


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Need for Waste Facilities

Clinical Waste

6. Meeting the Need for Waste Management

Non-Inert Waste Scenarios


General Considerations

Inert Waste Scenarios

Waste Water (Sewage) and Sewage Sludge

Waste Arisings

Landfilling and Landraising

Ancillary Waste Development

Waste Minimisation and Recycling

Waste Processing


Resource Recovery

Difficult and Special Waste


6.89 There are approximately 60 vehicle dismantling and metal scrapyards in Hampshire. Many of these have become established without specific planning permission and are not well located from an environmental and amenity point of view. The Environmental Protection Act 1990 now requires scrapyards to be licensed as waste management sites and as part of this process their planning status is being reviewed. It is considered unlikely that there will be a great requirement for new scrapyards within the Plan period but, where this is necessary, Policy 50 says that land permitted or allocated for general industrial use is the only type of location that is likely to be permitted.

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