Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton

Minerals and Waste Local Plan:
Adopted December 1998

Ancillary Waste Development

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Need for Waste Facilities

Clinical Waste

6. Meeting the Need for Waste Management

Non-Inert Waste Scenarios


General Considerations

Inert Waste Scenarios

Waste Water (Sewage) and Sewage Sludge

Waste Arisings

Landfilling and Landraising

Ancillary Waste Development

Waste Minimisation and Recycling

Waste Processing


Resource Recovery

Difficult and Special Waste


6.102 Ancillary development associated with waste disposal facilities includes:

6.103 In the case of ancillary development provided at a temporary waste disposal facility, the Waste Planning Authority will normally require the development to be removed at the end of the active life of the facility. Ancillary development will only be permitted to remain at a completed facility if there is a clear need for it to be retained at that location and its continued presence does not conflict with surrounding land uses or the planning policies for the area.

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