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Volume 1 ( Winchester City District)

Page 113 - Hambledon

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The Parish of Hambledon originally comprised several manors and tithings, including Ervill's Exton, Burwell or Butvillens, Glidden, Chidden, Rushmere, Putte and Denmead, which later became a separate parish. The Manor of Hambledon was granted to the Bishop of Winchester by King John in 1199, and remained with the bishopric until 1650 when the manor and its farm was sold to George Wither. At the restoration of the monarchy Hambledon reverted to the bishopric of Winchester.

The Manor of Ervill's Exton was first mentioned in 1397 when it was held by William Haket. The manor was held by various families from the Bishop of Winchester until 1473 when it passed to William Kirkeby. The Kirkeby family held Ervill's Exton until 1597 when it was sold to William Stockman, who sold it five years later to Christopher Perrin. Descendants of Christopher Perrin held the manor until the eighteenth century, when it became a tithing of the Parish of Hambledon.

The Tithing of Burwell became the Manor of Butvillens after William Butvillens who held the manor in the fourteenth century and part by the Wayte family from 1428 to 1597. The manor was later divided into four parts and passed through various families until it was finally merged with the main Manor of Hambledon.

In 1651 Charles II spent the night of 13th October at Hambledon on his way to exile in France. The king was travelling from Somerset to the port of Shoreham, and lodged at his guide's house which at that time belonged to the Symonds family.

Hambledon is the home of English cricket, and the early matches were played on Broadhalfpenny Down in the eighteenth century. John Nyren, the famous cricket writer, was born in 1764, the son of Richard Nyren who founded the Hambledon Cricket club.

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