Hampshire Treasures

Volume 1 ( Winchester City District)

Page 207 - New Alresford

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Punchcard No.
Engineering Work
The Shettles, the hatches which controI water-flow from the pond. Name probably of C.13 origin. As long as water power was needed to operate the mills, shettles were required to regulate the flow of water. Ref: Hampshire Records Office 136/1, 1552 Survey of Alresford.     C.A.
SU 588 329
2625 166
Group E - Street Patterns, Street Furniture and Open Spaces
Broad St.
Designed circa 1200 by Bishop de Lucy as the main market place. By C.14 it was one of the ten great wool markets in the country. The Norman ground plan survives although the buildings have been rebuilt after several fires particularly The Great Fire 1689. The double row of lime trees are third generation. VIctorian street lamps presented by Alresford Society 1975. The Town Trustees are responsible for the appearance of Broad Street, the trees, Thursday markets, and annual pleasure fair in October. In mediaeval times there were communal ovens, washing places and a 'Boulting House' at the lower end of Broad Street. This area later became the principle tan yard. At the upper end was a market house, shambles and temporary stalls.     C.A.
SU 588 328
2625 167
Group F - Historical or Literary Associations
East of Sun Lane. Field bounded on the west by Sun Lane, extended on both sides of the present railway cutting. Was used from 1835 for sheep pens of Alresford Sheep Fair. Patterns of pens still visible.     SU 591 324
2625 148
Inscription on Wall
60 yds. north of East Street. Block of stone set in wall, bounding grounds of Cardew House (29 East Street) on west side, with identical inscription both sides. ('This party wall was built at the joint expense of William Wilkinson and Edward Blackmore 1849).     C.A.
SU 589 327
2625 151
The Globe Inn. The landlord (1787-1806), Tom Taylor played for Hambledon against all England in 1777. The latter were beaten by an innings and 168 runs. Ref: 1. Dwellings in Alresford. No. 2, pp.37-43. Ref: 2. Alresford Displayed. Paper No. 9, (Arlott). Ref: 3. The Hambledon Men, (Lucas).     T. & C.P. Act
SU 588 329
2625 101
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