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Volume 1 ( Winchester City District)

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Land at Otterbourne was part of the Hundred Hides of Chilcomb which were granted to the church at Winchester in the seventh century. King Edgar granted lands to the church about 978 and this was confirmed by King Ethelred in 984. In the reign of Edward the Confessor the Manor of Otterbourne was held by Cheping from the Bishop of Winchester. The Domesday Book lists Ralph de Mortimer as lord of the manor, so Otterbourne no longer belonged to Winchester Cathedral. The descendents of Ralph de Mortimer held Otterbourne until the fifteenth century when William Fiennes, Lord Saye and Sele, sold the manor to William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, in 1458. Waynflete later granted the manor to Magdalene College, Oxford.

The Manor of Boyatt in Otterbourne Parish was held by Godric in the reign of Edward the Confessor, but is listed in the Domesday Book as held by Herbrand from the king. In the twelfth century Boyatt was granted to Waverley Abbey by Richard 1, and the grant was confirmed by King John in 1206. The manor continued in the possession of Waverley Abbey until the Dissolution of the Mona steries in the sixteenth century: Boyatt was given to Sir William Fitzwilliam in 1537. He was also an Admiral and in 1539 he con ducted Anne of Cleves to England. The Manor of Boyatt was conveyed to Gilbert Welles in 1566 and remained in part with the recusant family of Bambridge until the end of the eighteenth cen tury.

The village of Allbrook near the railway line had important saw mills and timber works, and a brickworks was established in the hamlet of Boyatt in the seventeenth century. Charlotte Mary Yonge, the famous and prolific Victorian novelist, lived at a house called Elderfield at Otterbourne.

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