Hampshire Treasures

Volume 1 ( Winchester City District)

Page 259 - Southwick and Widley

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The Parish of Southwick and Widley was formed in 1932, and comprises the two formerly separate parishes of Southwick, and Widley.

Southwick first seems to be mentioned in 1133, when Henry I founded a priory at Portchester which included lands at Southwick and which actually moved there between 1145 and 1153. This land, together with additions in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries from the de Boarhunt family, became the manor of Southwick and remained with the priors until the Dissolution when it was granted to the Earl of Southampton. After this the manor changed hands several times, belonging among others to the White family and the Nortons, and eventually, in 1733 became the property of the Thiselthwayte family.

Belanney Manor at Southwick can be traced back to Domesday. It was held by the de Belanneys and the Mauduits and others before passing into the hands of the Whites, whence its history follows that of Southwich Manor.

The estate at Wanstead was first called a manor in 1495 when it belonged to the Dawtry family. The Maryner, Plowden, White and Norton families became successive owners until the property was evidently bought up by the Thistlewaytes in the mid-eighteenth century.

At the Domesday Survey, Widley Manor was held by Hugh de Port. It was occupied by various tenants until the Uvedale family took possession. In 1605 they were deprived of it, on account of their recusancy, but recovered it two years later. It enjoyed several changes of ownership after this until it was sold to the Thiselwaytes in 1823. In 1715 the Manor of Widley was granted a three day fair but this activity was ordered to cease in 1862.

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