Hampshire Treasures

Volume 5 ( New Forest)

Page 50 - Brockenhurst

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Setley Farm, Setley. 2 storeys. Brick structure. with slate roof. Diamond and lattice Gothic casement windows. Original beehive oven in kitchen.     SU 303 002
2204 136
Latchmoor Corner. Originally two cottages. Cob structure with slate roof. Casement windows.     SU 295 006
2204 130
Setley Lodge, Setley. Queen Anne style house. White stuccoed brick. M-shaped slate roof. Sash and casement windows. Excellent canopy and pediment over front doorway.     SU 303 003
2204 135
The Little White House, Setley. 2 storeys. White stucco on brick. Slate roof of many different pitches. Casement windows. Clipped yew trees from arch to front porch. Old outbuildings.     SU 302 004
2204 134
The Thatched Cottage, Tile Barn Lane, Setley. Cob walls. Scalloped thatch roof. Casement windows and one dormer window. Single high brick chimney. Interior has beehive oven and sealed bread oven. C.20 additions.     SU 300 008
2204 133
The Thatched Cottage, South Weirs. Cob structure with thatched roof. Sash and casement windows.     N.P. Act
SU 287 015
2204 128
Linneys, foot of North Weirs. 2 storeys. Cob structure with later brick additions. Slate roof.     SU 293 021
2204 127
Hurlingham, North Road. Original village house. Brick walls. Tiled roof.     SU 303 023
2204 04
Thatched Cottage, North Weirs. Originally two cottages. 2 storeys. Cob walls. Thatched roof with scalloped ridge. Brick chimney. Casement windows.     SU 291 021
2204 138
Cottages (2)
Garlands, Southampton Road. Originally three cottages. Brick walls with red tiled roof. Casement and sash windows with shutters.     SU 302 024
2204 125
Rosetta, Brookley Road. Ornamental timber-work with ornamental brick infilling. Gothic latticed casement windows. Tall decorative chimneys. Tiled roof.     SU 299 022
2204 01
Springers, Brookley Road. Cob walls. Slate and pantiled roof with many elevations. Casement windows.     SU 301 022
2204 1B
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