Hampshire Treasures

Volume 5 ( New Forest)

Page 232 - Milford on Sea

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Shorefield Road, Downton. Several varieties covering a wide area. Centred on grid reference.     T.P.O. No. 1109
SZ 275 925
1206 90
Forecourt No. 29, Keyhaven Road. An individual Holm Oak.     T.P.O. No. 1120
SZ 293 917
1206 91
River Reaches
The Danestream runs through the pleasure grounds towards the centre of Milford-on-Sea. The stream finally meanders southwest into Sturt Pond through rough marsh.     C.A.
N.P. Act
SZ 278 924
1206 08
At the mouth of the Avonwater, Keyhaven. The Avonwater runs through a marshy floodplain into a pond. It is bounded on the southern side by Iley Lane. The water, regulated by floodgates, flows into Keyhaven Lake.     N.P. Act
SZ 308 917
1206 05
Various types of trees both in groups and individually, throughout Milford-on-Sea and Keyhaven. Centred on grid reference.     T.P.O. No. 185
SZ 287 917
1206 10
Sturt Pond, south east of Milford-on-Sea. Danes-stream runs through the village and into the pond which is close to the shore. It is large and bounded by a footpath and marshland. A shingle bank divides it from the sea. Area of scenic beauty.     N.P Act
SZ 296 912
1206 85
Large irregular shaped fish pond south east of Newlands Manor. Partly ringed by footpaths and woods     SZ 289 932
1206 07
Group B - Archaeological Sites and Remains
Stone Age
Two worked pebble implements found in a strata of gravel at Hordle Cliff, 1970. O.S.A. SZ 29 SE 11.     N.P. Act
SZ 278 917
1206 88
Bronze Age
Found in 'Beaker' pit dwelling in gravel quarry at Lymore, 1927. Beaker of 'A' type 9 1/4 ins. high, 6 7/8s ins. in diameter at the lip, the pit was 6 1/2 ft. deep with a floor of compact gravel, covered with charcoal. A second beaker was found but the site is now impenetrable. O.S.A. SZ 29 SE 7.     SZ 297 929
1206 21
Post Norman
Churchyard Cross
Triple stone steps, the lowest is 2.9 m square. Surmounted by modern cross. No dating evidence for steps found. Cross stands upon a slight mound. O.S.A. SZ 29 SE 6.     C.A.
SZ 290 920
1206 60
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