Hampshire Treasures

Volume 6 ( East Hampshire)

Page 157 - Grayshott

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group A - Natural Features
Hurstmere Close. One holly, an American arborvitae and a beech standing separately, also a group of three silver birch, and four areas containing trees of various species.     T.P.O. No. 378
SU 878 354
1609 01
Junction of Hammer Lane and Headley Road. Wellingtonia and one Norway spruce on road-side verge.     SU 856 358
1609 06
Field opposite Grayshott Hall, Headley Road. Mixed species mainly oak, rowan, beech and Scots pine, forming pleasing groups and shelter belt. Centred on grid reference.     T.P.O. No. 6
SU 860 358
1609 11
Grayshott Hall. 45 acres of parkland containing many fine trees including Japanese cedars, Douglas firs, wellingtonia, sequoias and tulip trees. The whole area one of scenic beauty.     SU 857 357
1609 05
St. Anne's, Headley Road. Several trees of various species standing in an area within the grounds of the property.     T.P.O. No. 5
SU 866 353
1609 10
Natural Feature
Whitmore Hanger, bordering Whitmore Vale/ Sports Field. Steep sandstone hanger overlying Atherfield clay from which springs occur. Beautiful wooded area consisting mainly of beech and oak. Crest of hanger commands extensive views to north west. Area bordered by public footpaths.     SU 868 357
1609 09
Group C - Footpaths, Bridleways and Old Travelways
Old Travelway
Stoney Bottom. From Haslemere to Waggoners Wells. Lane bordered by thickly wooded slopes. Western end runs into marshy land where several springs form stream feeding Waggoners Wells Lakes. Partly owned by the National Trust.     SU 863 345
1609 03
Bridleway No. 13
Whitmore Vale to Hammer Lane. Track from country lane up steep wooded hanger to ridge of hill, through extensive woodland of exceptional beauty.     SU 861 359
1609 40
Bridleway No. 6 to Footpath No. 10
Whitmore Vale, Hammer Lane to parish boundary. Path climbing wooded hanger and crossing high ridge to Hammer Lane, continuing into deep valley and up following the parish boundary.     SU 859 364
1609 39
Footpath No. 7
Beech Lane to Whitmore Vale. Scenic path commencing on ridge of beech hanger with extensive views. Skirts edge of fields and descends through woodland to country lane.     SU 867 356
1609 38
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