Hampshire Treasures

Volume 6 ( East Hampshire)

Page 277 - Rowlands Castle

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Castle Ring and Bailey
Motley's Castle, Motley's Copse. Circular motte with divided bailey extending westwards. In centre of keep is depression of well. Old iron, wooden buckets, crockery and bones found when cleaned out. Complex of small castle ring and bailey overlaid by a larger one. Damaged by quarrying, and traversed by old banks and ditches. O.S.A. No. SU71 SW14.     S.A.M. No. 129
SU 725 122
2312 27
Motte and Bailey (Remains)
Rowland's Castle. North of brick works. Partly dug away on east side. Entrance appears to have been in centre of western bank opposite mound. Prior to construction of railway a deep gorge existed east of the mound. Ditch 80 yds. east remains. This suggests plan of rectangular bailey with central mound. Large piece of masonry said to be part of keep. O.S.A. No. SU71 SW20. Ref: Field Archaeology as Illustrated by Hampshire, 1915, (Williams-Freeman), pp.400-1.     S.A.M. No. 128
SU 733 105
2312 34
Village Site (Supposed)
South of St. Huberts Church, Idsworth. Flint and stone footings of buildings found when lane ploughed. May be site of mediaeval settlement, or more recent cottages. Surface irregularities in field suggest former occupation. Isolated church and name, Old Idsworth, may be significant. Hundred = Finchdean. O.S.A. No. SU71 SW7. Ref: 1. V.C.H., Vol. 1, p.478. Ref: 2. V.C.H., Vol. 3, pp.102-3, 109. Ref: 3. Mediaeval Village Research Group List, 1966.     N.P. Act
SU 743 139
2312 38
Period Unknown
Pieces of British pottery and fragments of black ancient pottery found. O.S.A. No. SU71 SW19.     SU 735 105
2312 33
Bank and Ditch
Once formed the boundary between the ancient parish of Havant and its neighbours. Sections still traceable. Ref: The Hundred of Bosmere, (Longcroft).     SU 715 110
2312 46
Group C - Footpaths, Bridleways and Old Travelways
Bridleway (B.W.24)
Has served as parish and manorial boundary for almost 1,000 years, AD935-1902. Described as the ridgeway or straight way. Ref: 1. The Early Charters of Wessex, (Finberg). Ref: 2. Hants. Place Names and Charters, (Grundy).     SU 730 103
2312 45
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