Hampshire Treasures

Volume 7 ( Havant)

Page 58 - Hayling East

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Hayling County Primary School, Havant Road. Brick structure with tiled roof. Interesting example of Victorian village school, built 1867.     N.P. Act
SU 725 007
1104 93
Eastney House, St. Peter's Road. 2 storeys. Red brick with grey headers. Hipped tiled roof. Doorway in moulded architrave surround with pediment over.     T. & C.P. Act
SU 731 033
1104 124
Church Farm, St. Peter's Road. Oak weather- board barn on stone foundations. Beam bears date, 1815 and initial 'C'. Also contains a re-used beam dated 1625.     SU 732 032
1104 118
Church Farm. Brick and stone stables, once thatched, dated 1815.     SU 732 032
1104 119
Coastguard Cottages, Eastoke. Terrace of brick cottages with tiled roofs, built on site of original coastguard station and eight dwellings (1825). No longer used by the Coastguard Service.     SZ 727 986
1104 145
Old Lifeboat House, on shore at Eastoke. Brick structure with slate roof, built to replace the Lifeboat Station at Western Beachlands. Now part of residential school.     SZ 726 986
1104 146
Smugglers Haunt Restaurant, Eastoke. Brick structure with tiled roof. Originally a thatched cottage with smuggling associations. Bricked-up underground tunnel reputedly used by smugglers and linked to seashore.     SZ 729 985
1104 147
Primrose Cottage, St. Peter's Road. 2 storeys. Timber-framed with red brick infilling, some wattle and daub and also re-used ships timbers. Originally three cottages. Possibly C.17.     T. & C.P. Act
SU 731 033
1104 115
Tollbridge (Site)
Langstone to Hayling Toll Bridge. A 320 ft. long structure of African oak piles with swing bridge in centre, to allow passage of vessels. Opened 1824 with toll house and gate at north end and replaced by present road bridge 1956. Ref: King Holds Hayling, (Thomas), p.136.     S.S.S.I.
SU 719 047
1104 138
St. Peter's Church. Stone pillar with marble tablets commemorating 1914-1918 war dead.     SU 731 032
1104 21
St. Peter's Church. Fine tombstone consisting of oval tablet with urn and floral garlands, dedicated to Sarah Rogers (1812).     SU 731 032
1104 20
St. Peter's Church. Oldest set of three bells in the country. Suspended on wooden axles and half wheels. This form of support now quite rare.     SU 731 032
1104 23
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