Hampshire Treasures

Volume 7 ( Havant)

Page 71 - Hayling West

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Post Norman
Shell Midden
St. Catherine's Road. Shallow depression, filled with compacted winkle shells and lined with oyster shells, discovered during building development. Some C.12 pottery sherds found in section and tip alongside.     SZ 706 995
1105 185
Manor House, South Hayling. Supposed moat of former mediaeval manor house. Now partly destroyed. Centred on grid reference. O.S.A. No. SU70 SW8.     SU 721 009
1105 12
Well (Site)
Sluts Lane', Higworth Lane. Now filled in. Higworth Lane was originally called 'Sluts Lane'. One of the cottages reputed to have been home of a mistress of a Duke of Norfolk.     SU 718 003
1105 90
Church (Site)
2 miles off southern shore. Area known as Church Rocks. Possible site of Benedictine Alien Priory, founded circa 1067 and inundated 1324-5. O.S.A. No. SZ79 NW2. Ref: 1. Hundred of Bosmere, 1817, (Bingley), pp.138-9. Ref: 2. Hundred of Bosmere, 1857, (Longcroft), p.302. Ref: 3. King Holds Hayling, (Thomas). Ref: 4. V.C.H., Vol. 2, p.218.     SZ 710 979
1105 58
Kiln Site
West of West Lane. Bricklined kiln with flue exposed in sea bank. Probably C.18 or C.19 brick or tile kiln, now collapsed and eroding.     SU 710 004
1105 184
Tidal Mill (Site)
Mill Rythe. Built 1724, destroyed by fire 1877. Mill pond only remains today. Probably the site of a mediaeval mill. Ref: Guide to Hayling, 1886, (Triggs).     SU 719 028
1105 178
Period Unknown
Pot Boilers
Mud flats north-west of Stoke Common. Quantities of pot boilers found in area of creek mud overlying old oyster beds. Centred on grid reference. O.S.A. No. SU70 SW33.     N.P. Act
SU 715 037
1105 45
Kiln (Site)
North shore west of Stoke. Circular structure dug into natural clay and associated brick (mediaeval) flue. Evidence of lime at base of kiln. Site still visible but below high water mark.     N.P. Act
SU 715 023
1105 57
North-west of North Hayling Station. Scatter of briquetage found along foreshore. Land now reclaimed. O.S.A. No. SU70 SW23. Ref: Portsmouth City Museum Card Index.     N.P. Act
SU 716 031
1105 35
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