Hampshire Treasures

Volume 8 ( Test Valley North)

Page 29 - Andover

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Habitation Site
Goch Way, Charlton. Domestic site in oval quarry. Large quantity of C.6/7 sherds and animal bones. Site extends beneath roadway. Ref: Andover Archaeological Society, 1977.     SU 353 469
0301 39
Arrnstrong Rise, Charlton. A large pit exposed during construction of road. Two C.7 Saxon bowls and assorted sherds recovered. Ref: Andover Archaeological Society, 1971.     SU 352 472
0301 40
Pagan Cemetery
Portway East Industrial Estate. Excavated by Andover Archaeological Society, 1974-75.     SU 344 463
0301 31
Pagan Cemetery
Portway West Industrial Estate. Discovered by Andover Archaeological Society and partly excavated. Large number of graves destroyed without record in 1981.     SU 337 464
0302 17
Post Norman
Savoy Cinema. Mediaeval tile kiln found in 1937. O.S.A. No. SU34 NE9.     SU 366 453
0304 18
Building (Site)
Vigo Road/East Street. Latrine pits and furnace site excavated by Andover Archaeological Society. Site now destroyed by road works.     SU 366 457
0303 75
Deserted Mediaeval Village (Site)
Foxcotte. The manor recorded in 1086. 1614 map records arrangements of strip fields, and a small village is shown. A map of 1759 records only the church and a large house. The chapel was rebuilt in 1830 but only the tower remains. Traces of crofts and other enclosures remain in fields south of the farmhouse. Three small areas selected for excavation by Test Valley Archaeological Committee prior to building development, 1979-81. O.S.A. No. SU34 NW15. Ref: V.C.H., Vol. 4, pp.351-2, 355-6. Ref: 2. P.H.F.C., Vol. 9, 1920-24.     S.A.M. No. H.446
SU 345 473
0301 06
Ancient Site
New Street. Reputed site of leper hospital of St. John the Baptist. Area now developed, but no remains located. O.S.A. No. SU34 NE24. Ref: 1. V.C.H., Vol. 1, p.356. Ref: 2. Mediaeval Religious Houses of England and Wales, (Knowles and Hadcock), p.251. Ref: 3. Notes on the History of St. John's House, 1921, (Bennet).     SU 368 463
0303 60
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