Hampshire Treasures

Volume 8 ( Test Valley North)

Page 68 - Chilbolton

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Former village school. Built 1843, closed as a school 1931. Single storey. Flint and brick structure. Slate roof. Traceried windows.     SU 394 402
1706 49
Barley's Barn, Ariel Farm. Flint and stone structure, built around 1862. Scheduled to be demolished when runways of wartime airfield were taken up, but in view of its history the building was reprieved.     SU 398 391
1706 53
The Old Cottage. Restored. Limewashed brick and plaster. Thatched roof. Modern casements. Originally two cottages.     SU 389 400
1706 26
The Old Inn Cottage. Restored, Exposed timber- framing with plaster infilling. Thatched eaves splayed over upper windows. Modern thatched porch.     SU 390 401
1706 25
Poplar Cottage. Limewashed flint and part rendered structure. Thatched roof with four upper and four lower windows. Two glass panelled doors. Originally two cottages.     SU 390 403
1706 14
Chalkdell Cottage. Originally two cottages. 2 storeys, plastered walls. Casement windows. Thatched roof.     SU 391 398
1706 21
Copyhold Cottage, Hill Close. Plastered walls. Tiled roof with eaves raised over two upper windows. Modern brick addition.     SU 391 397
1706 22
Cottages (2)
Tudor and Willow Cottages. White colour washed plaster and brick. Thatched roofs. Casement windows on ground floor. Two vertically panelled doors.     SU 391 399
1706 23
St. Michaels Cottage. Red brick with blue headers. Thatched roof. Lattice casements. Exposed timber-framing with plaster infilling on the gable end. Thatched porch.     T. & C.P. Act
SU 392 398
1706 07
Post Office Stores. Exposed timber-framing to right with painted plaster infilling. Plain double shop front to left. Thatched roof with eaves square-cut around two upper windows. Modern brick additions.     SU 392 399
1706 17
Upcote Cottage. Three tiled dormers. Flint brick and stone structure. Centre ridge tiled roof, thatched each end.     SU 392 399
1706 19
Abbots Cottage. 2 storeys, roughcast walls. Ridge thatched roof. Casement windows. Central porch and Panelled door.     SU 392 400
1706 15
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