Hampshire Treasures

Volume 8 ( Test Valley North)

Page 238 - Vernham Dean

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Drinking Fountain
Outside Pond Cottage, opposite the George Inn. Believed to have been imported from elsewhere, when village wells were sealed off after the arrival of the public water supply. A nice example of the Victorian foundry man's art. Water discharges from mouth of lion' s head. Fluted iron operating knob. It is still in working order. Pillar embossed 'Glenfield and Kennedy Ltd. Kilmarnock'.     A.O.N.B.
SU 341 566
1725 87
Drinking Fountain
St. Mary's Churchyard. Located just within the gate. Fluted iron operating knob, water discharges from mouth of lion's head. Pillar embossed 'Glenfield and Kennedy Ltd., Kilmarnock'.     A.O.N.B.
SU 350 569
1725 88
Group F - Historical or Literary Associations
Historical Feature
Burydene. Field 269 running parallel to Upton Road. Area of undulating pasture and reported site of burial of soldiers killed during the Civil War or, more likely, of people who died in the plague some twenty years later.     A.O.N.B.
SU 344 564
1725 74
Macey's Cottage, Vernham Street. A quaint rendered flint structure of historic interest. Believed to have been built in 1850. When the church was burned down services were held here until the church was rebuilt. It then became the verger's cottage. Gothic arched windows add an ecclesiastical air to the property.     A.O.N.B.
SU 349 570
1725 88
Knyghtes Mere. Crusaders are reputed to have watered their horses here, on their way to the crusades.     A.O.N.B.
SU 336 554
1725 81
Rockmoor. Situated at the intersection of the counties of Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. Before the days of public water supply in times of drought when village wells ran dry, villagers watered their stock, and collected their own water supply from this pond.     A.O.N.B.
SU 350 590
1725 80
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