Hampshire Treasures

Volume 8 ( Test Valley North)

Page 248 - Wherwell

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
May Cottage, Fullerton Road. 2 storeys, L- shape, colour-washed flint and brick. Thatched roof brought down over door as half-bell shaped hood, similar to Old Malt House, thatched hood of same type over garden door at side. Modern lattice windows and tiled roof bay. Gable facing road has stone figure from old Wherwell Church or Priory. Garden boundary wall constructed of large and small flints with tiled top. The wall also contains some old stonework re-sited by the then owner of May Cottage who helped to demolish the church in 1858.     T. & C.P. Act
SU 388 407
1726 19
Aldings, Fullerton Road. Originally a pair of cottages. 2 storeys, blank plastered wall abuts the road. Thatched roof brought down as pentice at one end. Garden facade has eaves raised over five upper windows. Restored.     T. & C.P. Act
SU 386 406
1726 20
Watermill, Fullerton Road. Was originally two cottages, Nos. 43 and 44. 2 storeys, plastered walls. Thatched roof brought down as pentice at either end, eaves raised over upper windows at rear.     C.A.
SU 386 405
1726 40
Vine Cottage, Fullerton. 2 storeys, thatched roof, raised over two upper windows and brought down as a pentice to the left. C.19 metal casement windows and rustic porch.     SU 378 394
1726 50
Fullerton Manor. Red brick structure with tiled roof, and sash windows. Now converted into four flats, one of which contains the Roman mosaic floor removed from the excavated villa early this century. The stable block with clock tower has been converted into a house.     SU 373 394
1726 93
Windwhistle Farm. Weatherboarded barn with thatched roof.     SU 380 417
1726 47
Farmhouse and Barn
New Barn Farm. Small single storey L-shaped farmhouse originally thatched now tiled. The L-shaped barn is weatherboarded with a hipped waggon entrance, also now with a tiled roof.     SU 388 418
1726 48
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