Hampshire Treasures

Volume 9 ( Test Valley South)

Page 9 - Ashley

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group A - Natural Features
St. Mary's Church. Four yews and a maple around the church.     T.P.O. No. 28
SU 385 308
2502 11
Group B - Archaeological Sites and Remains
Bronze Age
Barrows (6)
Withering Corner. Group of two long barrows, three round barrows and the remains of a disc barrow. O.S.A. No.SU32 NE4. Ref: 1. P.H.F.C., Vol. 14, 1938-40, pp.10, 14, 200, 202, 219, 253. Ref: 2. Wessex from the Air, 1928, (Crawford and Keiller), p.103.     SU 395 291
2502 07
Iron Age
Celtic Field System
North of Forest Belt. Visible over area of about one square mile of former downland. Ploughed-out except for some lynchets and cross banks. O.S.A. No. SU43 SW16. Ref: Geographical Journal, 1923, p.343.     SU 401 303
2502 08
South-east of Ashley Wood. An oblong earthwork sited below the crest of a hill and divided from north to south by a narrow bank. The eastern part is scheduled and here the banks are well preserved. Considerable evidence exists for later Roman occupation as a quantity of Roman pottery, tiles and brick fragments have been located through-out the area.     S.A.M. No. 45
SU 395 301
2502 05
Ashleydown Plantation. Silver coin of Edward the Confessor found 1934. Present whereabouts not known. O.S.A .No. SU23 NE3.     SU 393 293
2502 06
Post Norman
Ashley Castle (Gains Castle). A ring-work, castle and bailey with the foundations of a stone keep and domestic buildings still visible. Roughly rectangular, overgrown mounds. O.S.A. No. SU33 SE22. Ref: Field Archaeology as Illustrated by Hampshire, 1915, (Williams-Freeman), pp.227, 348 and plan.     S.A.M. No. 46
SU 384 308
2502 04
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