Hampshire Treasures

Volume 9 ( Test Valley South)

Page 37 - Chilworth

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group A - Natural Features
Chilworth. Many groups of different species throughout the village. Grid reference given locates the central point.     T.P.O. No. 14
SU 410 180
2507 22
Hut Hill. A large belt of woodland to the east of Hut Hill.     T.P.O. No. 30/6
SU 427 182
2507 21
North Stoneham. Large areas of woodland in Stoneham Park. This T.P.O. also covers trees in Eastleigh District.     T.P.O. No. 55/12
SU 440 175
2507 20
Chilworth Manor. Several wooded areas including parts of the grounds of Chilworth Manor, and the wooded Beacon Hill known as The Clump, centred on grid reference given.     T.P.O. No. 52
SU 405 185
2507 05
Romandene Estate. Scots pine, silver birch, and oak and other species in gardens throughout the estate, centred on grid reference.     T.P.O. No. 74
SU 414 173
2507 19
Ingersley. Area of woodland consisting mainly of mixed conifers and deciduous trees. Centred on grid reference.     T.P.O. No. 172
SU 407 176
2507 18
Chilworth Manor. Consisting mainly of azalea, acer and rhododendron, with some cedar trees of exceptional merit. Grounds open to the public on a number of days each year in aid of various charities.     T.P.O. No. 52 (Part)
SU 404 183
2507 05
Belvedere Lodge, Bassett Green Road. Exceptional collection of azaleas and rhododendrons. Some now damaged due to recent road work.     SU 422 169
2507 08
Group B - Archaeological Sites and Remains
Stone Age
Occupation Site
Midway between Castle Hill and Ingersley. Many flint flakes, pot boilers, oyster and cockle shells found 1929. Possibly much older than the earthworks on Castle Hill. O.S.A. No. SU41 NW16. Ref: Short History of Nursling, 1948, (Crawford), p.14.     SU 404 172
2507 10
Bronze Age
Chilworth Road. Low spread mound 10.0m in diameter and 0.5m in height in garden of private house. O.S.A. No. SU41 NW15.     SU 416 183
2507 16
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