Hampshire Treasures

Volume 9 ( Test Valley South)

Page 38 - Chilworth

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Iron Age
Chilworth Ring. Small univallate hillfort consisting of bank and outer ditch with two possible entrances. The bank now forms boundary of private dwelling plots and is considerably mutilated. O.S.A. No. SU41 NW17. Ref: 1. Field Archaeology as Illustrated by Hampshire, 1915, (Williams-Freeman), p.259. Ref: 2. The Archaeology of Wessex, (Grinsell), p.182. Ref:. 3. P.H.F.C., Vol. 10, 1926-30, pp.224, 290.     S.A.M. No. 79
SU 413 170
2507 01
Castle Hill. May be hillfort but more probably a cattle enclosure with relationship to Chilworth Ring. Partially destroyed by laying of gas main along the eastern side. O.S.A. No. SU41 NW18. Ref: Short History of Nursling, 1948, (Crawford), p.14.     S.A.M. No. 235
SU 405 168
2507 02
Post Norman
Moated Farm (Remains)
Manor Farm. Half of moat filled in 20 to 30 years ago and present farmhouse and adjacent lawn now occupies the site. Remaining portion fed by three small streams.     SU 402 186
2507 06
Group C - Footpaths, Bridleways and Old Travelways
Ancient Travelway
Course of Roman road (Winchester to New Forest) crossing the parish in a north-east/south-west direction. The few surface remains have mainly disappeared beneath plough or buildings, but some evidence remains in Marshall Rows.     S.A.M. No. 373
SU 393 174
2507 09
Group D - Buildings, Monuments and Engineering Works
Cottages (2)
Nos. 9 and 10, Chilworth Old Village. Single storey and attic. Part brick, part timber-framed with brick infilling. Thatched roof. Irregular casements and doors. Brick porch added at north end. Tiled roof extensions at south end.     T. & C.P. Act
SU 404 187
2507 12
Walnut Cottage, Chilworth Old Village. Single storey and attic. Timber-framed with colour-washed brick infilling. Modern tiled roof replacing the thatch and carefully swept over upper casements. Alleged to be haunted by smugglers.     T. & C.P. Act
SU 405 186
2507 15
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