Hampshire Treasures

Volume 9 ( Test Valley South)

Page 64 - King's Somborne

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Bowl Barrow
Stubbs Copse. 60 ft. in circumference, with indications of a ditch. Trench cut across shows a flint core. Overgrown with trees and bushes. O.S.A. No. SU32 NE12.     SU 363 272
2512 51
Mace-head or hammer found near Yew Hill, and close to the River Test. Well formed of a polished grey-green, rather coarse grained stone. O.S.A. No. SU33 SW8.     SU 348 322
2512 52
Iron Age
Field System
North of Strouds Wood. Much destroyed by ploughing. Remains of contour lynchets. Centred on grid reference. O.S.A. No. SU32 NE1.     SU 351 281
2512 49
Field System
North of Marsh Court. Celtic fields and contour lynchets, visible on air photographs. Now almost ploughed out. O.S.A. No. SU33 SE2.     SU 365 340
2512 53
Field System
Between How Park Farm and the village. Traces visible on air photographs. Entire area is arable, and the system has been ploughed out. O.S.A. No. SU33 SE5.     SU 354 311
2512 55
South of Marsh Court. Large sub-rectangular ditched enclosure, with groups of pits and smaller ditches. Clear areas possibly road lines, all suggesting a site of occupation. Land under cultivation. Site recorded on aerial photographs.     S.A.M. No. 530
SU 357 331
2512 76
Pottery and Bronze
Found 1920 in Great Upper Somborne Wood. Now in Winchester City Museum. O.S.A. No. SU43 SW17.     SU 399 307
2512 47
Building Site
Great Upper Somborne Wood. Finds included perforated roof tiles of purbeck stone, bricks and large flints. O.S.A. No. SU43 SW19.     SU 405 311
2512 48
Building Site
Marsh Court Farm. Finds include Roman tiles, brick fragments and part of a stone slab. O.S.A. No. SU33 SE3.     SU 367 336
2512 72
Post Norman
Fish Pond (Site)
South-west of the village. Reverted to pasture, and drained by stream which cuts through the pond bay at the site of the former sluice. O.S.A. No. SU33 SE8. Ref: 1. V.C.H., Vol. 4, p.469. Ref: 2. Field Archaeology as Illustrated by Hampshire, 1915, (Williams-Freeman), p.224.     SU 351 305
2512 56
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