Hampshire Treasures

Volume 10 ( Fareham)

Page 6 - Fareham

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Settlement Site
Field work revealed an occupation site, Iron Age and Roman pottery sherds found, also fint flakes, a flint core and a fragment of sandstone quern. SMR SU50NE21     SU 595 090
0702 268
A large ditch was exposed during building work between High Street and West Street. The ditch fill contained pottery, fragments of tegulae, iron ware and nails. SMR SU50NE14.     SU 581 063
0702 130
No. 33 High Street. Excavations in 1976 revealed a Roman rubbish pit, and Anglo Saxon post holes and stake holes and pottery of C.9-C.11, also a C.9 bronze tag end. SMR SU50NE31     SU 582 065
0702 225
Excavations at Wallington Hill revealed a Roman ditch containing a variety of pottery types. SMR SU50NE70     SU 581 0702
0702 269
During construction of the Wallington link road, a V-shaped truncated ditch was revealed. Finds from the ditch fill included shreds of pottery, glass and fragments of waterlogged timber. Finds date possibly from C.2-C.4. SMR SU50NE68     SU 583 066
0702 270
Old Turnpike. Three early C.6 cremation urns were found 'near the north turnpike road ', some time before 1880. They are now in Portsmouth Museum. SMR SU50NE10     SU 577 071
0702 271
During building works a medieval rubbish pit was revealed, also sherds of Roman pottery. Ref: Small Towns of Hants. 1976, (Hughes) SMR SU50NE30     SU 582 066
0702 274
Three wells were discovered in Quay Street, two of which were domestic in origin and lined mostly with chalk blocks, dated C.16-C.19. The third was much larger and lined with brickwork, dated from C.18-C.19. Several pieces of preserved leather were found in a waterlogged rubbish pit. SMR SU50NE69     SU 580 060
0702 275
Field work over ploughed land, close to the north bank of the River Wallington, recovered sherds of medieval pottery and tile. SMR SU50NE20     SU 591 090
0702 273
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