Hampshire Treasures

Volume 10 ( Fareham)

Page 33 - Portchester

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group A - Natural Features
Cams Hall House Farm. Trees in a large area around Cams Hall.     TPO 17
SU 581 057
0705 76
Down End Estate. A variety of trees retained from former grounds throughout Estate development.     TPO 44
SU 590 063
0705 75
Murrils, East Street. Two groups of sycamores.     TPO 18 - FBC
SU 621 057
0705 91
Castle Street. The Jubilee Oak stands in a small grassy area in the former village square.     CA
SU 622 046
0705 120
Chalk Grassland
Portsdown Hill. Part of this important chalk grassland lies within this ward. It is an area of developing scrub under maritime influence. With management it will remain a rich site for herbs and insects. The hillside is an important local amenity affording fine views over Portchester Castle, and Portsmouth Harbour and its environs.     SSSI
SU 618 067
0705 88
Chalk Pit
Bourne End. Exposure of upperchalk with fossilised bands, which include the rare sea urchin, Galeola. The site was extended in 1978 to include chalk faces showing raised sea bed deposits.     SSSI
SU 601 067
0705 89
Group B - Archaeological Sites and Remains
Portsdown Hill. During M27 motorway construction a Bronze Age, Deverel-Rimbury urn was found inverted over a cremation burial. Also Bronze Age pottery in a shallow pit with burnt flints. SMR SU60NW56.     SU 603 067
0705 132
Shorelines of Cams Bay, Wicor Lake, Pewit Island, etc, have yielded large numbers of flint implements dating from Palaeolithic to Neolithic.     SU 603 047
0705 131
South of Wicor Farm. Two nuclei of burnt flint and Iron Age pottery found on the beach. SMR SU6OSW21.     SU 602 051
0705 130
Cams Bay. A concentration of Mesolithic flint artefacts on the foreshore may represent a Mesolithic occupation. SMR SU5ONE9     CA
SU 594 053
0705 129
A Mesolithic tranchet axefound at grid reference given. SMR SU5ONE9     SU 599 054
0705 128
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