Hampshire Treasures

Volume 10 ( Fareham)

Page 34 - Portchester

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Red Barns, Lower Paleolithic site. A number of unabraded Lower Paleolithic flint tools was discovered by J C Draper during building works. Excavations revealed substantial quantities of flint working debris and a number of tools. The geological environment and the nature of the flint assemblage indicates that the site was used briefly to manufacture tools, exploiting a localised exposure of good raw material. The discovery of an undisturbed site of this type is rare. SMR SU60NW39.     SU 608 063
0705 127
South of Portchester Castle. A number of flints, a polished edge, scrapers and a Mesolithic core found along the shoreline. SMR SU60SW6     CA
SU 624 044
0705 55
Portchester Sea Banks. Flakes, core trimmings, a scraper, blades and a core found on two Mesolithic sites centred on grid reference given. SMR SU60SW19     SU 624 049
0705 41
Portchester Castle. A Roman coin, of Tetricus I, was found on the beach. Now in Winchester City Museum. SMR SU60SW38     CA
SU 624 044
0705 126
White Hart Lane. Bronze Roman coin of Valens found in the topsoil. SMR SU60SW22     SU 619 049
0705 53
Medieval pottery found during roadworks on A27. SMR SU50NE38     SU 595 064
0705 125
Post Medieval
In the bank of the creek opposite Gas Works Quay, J C Draper located the site of a pottery kiln. Over forty types of domestic C.18 pottery were collected. Given to Portsmouth Museum. SMR SU50NE59.     SU 586 058
0705 79
Portchester Castle. Extensive excavations were conducted within the walls of the Roman fort during 1960s. These revealed a sequence of occupation beginning in the Late Roman Period and extending through to the post Mediaeval.     SAM No. 4
T&CP Act
SU 624 045
0705 137
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