Hampshire Treasures

Volume 10 ( Fareham)

Page 50 - Sarisbury

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group B - Archaeological Sites and Remains
In 1927 a pit dug into the red clay was located at Burlesdon Brickworks. Excavations revealed about twenty Bronze Age loom weights in four different sizes, discovered at a depth of about seven ft. Further down the pit a fragment of saddle quern and a layer of charcoal were found. In 1928, further excavations revealed at about seventeen ft., an oak post five ft. high, supported on a clay cone, and coated with a dark brown substance which proved to be blood subjected to heat, though the post was not charred. Two pot-boilers and the remains of a basket were also found. A Neolithic axe of Cornish Greenstone was found near the pit; this is now in Winchester Museum. The pit is now disused and overgrown. SMR SW50NW01.     SU 502 099
0706 17
Bursledon Brick Works. A hoard of four Late Bronze Age palstaves found in 1927. SMR SU50NW02     SU 502 099
0706 18
Finds made during topsoil removal prior to M27 motorway construction include Mesolithic and Bronze Age flint tools. SMR SU50NW26.     SU 510 093
0706 50
Bursledon Brick Works. A timber-framed refuse pit was found in 1932. A variety of pottery was found including a late C.3/4 New Forset beaker. SMR SU51SW05.     SU 503 100
0706 15
The area located by the grid reference given is contained within an overgrown wood; along the north-east and south-east margins of the wood is an earthern bank five m. in width and one and a half m. high, traceable for over 130 m. The enclosed area is lower than outside and fed by creeks which fill at high tide. Possibly a catch pond for salterns. SMR SU40NE06.     SU 492 087
0706 20
Beacon Site
Beacon Way. Site of beacon, probably Tudor. Bushy or Bush-Hill Beacon is shown on OS 1826 maps. SMR SU50NW17.     SU 514 085
0706 19
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