Hampshire Treasures

Volume 10 ( Fareham)

Page 57 - Stubbington and Hill Head

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group A - Natural Features
Nature Reserve
Titchfield Haven. Formerly the estuary of the River Meon which receives most of its water from the chalk. Tidal water is excluded by a one-way valve and the former estuary is an extensive freshmarsh. The river is flanked by reed beds and wet unimproved meadows which are dissected by drainage ditches and further diversified by pools, 'flashes' and patches of fen. Extensive scrapes have been reconstructed. The area is a locally important resort for surface feeding duck and other wetland birds. The flora embraces elements characteristic of a wide range of wetland habitats. The reserve is partly in Titchfield parish. The area also forms part of Titchfield Haven SSSI which extends beyond the reserve boundary. The grid reference given locates an approximate central point within Stubbington and Hill Head.     SSSI
SU 540 034
0701 24
Crofton Cliff, Hill Head. Various trees on the north-east side of Salterns Road, near Crofton Cliff.     TPO 561
SU 551 071
0701 52
The Red Lion, Stubbington Green, Stubbington. Two red chestnut on land between No. 39a, Burnt House Lane and the Red Lion public house.     TPO 6 - FBC
SU 555 032
0701 51
Crofton Cliff, Crofton Avenue, Hill Head. Five groups of trees, consisting of several cupressus macrocarpa, also holm oak, lime, poplar and sycamore, on land to the east of Crofton Cliff.     TPO 29 - FBC
SU 551 017
0701 53
No. 32, Mays Lane, Stubbington. Two areas containing oak trees on land to rear of the property.     TPO 36 - FBC
SU 556 037
0701 55
The Swordfish Hotel, Crofton Avenue, Hill Head. Several pine trees, two oaks and one holm oak in the hotel grounds.     TPO 55 - FBC
SU 552 016
0701 48
Crofton Avenue and Sea Lane, Hill Head. Several trees mainly cupressus macrocarpa and corsican pine, but also holm oak and cedar, in the gardens of houses in Crofton Avenue and Sea Lane.     TPO 58 - FBC
SU 553 016
0701 56
No. 7, Hill Head Road. A corsican pine in the garden.     TPO 63- - FBC
SU 545 021
0701 57
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