Hampshire Treasures

Volume 10 ( Fareham)

Page 91 - Warsash

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Punchcard No.
Group A - Natural Features
Nature Reserve
Hook Nature Reserve. The area is centred around the Hook Lake and its valley and extends along the shoreline from the pier at Warsash to Solent Breeze Caravan Site; also included are the intertidal areas and marshland of Bunny Meadows, over 500 acres in all. Part of the reserve is the former parkland of Hook Park. The reserve encloses various habitats ranging through shingle, saltmarsh, grassland, reedbeds, freshwater marsh and woodland. These habitats support a wide variety of flora and fauna. The area is well served by a good network of footpaths and is very popular with walkers and birdwatchers.     SU 490 061
0708 70
Country Park
Chilling and Brownwich Farms. The County Council has provided an area for the quiet enjoyment of the coast, with facilities for walking, picnicking and horse-riding. The area includes Chilling Copse and Brownwich Pond.     SU 519 038
0708 77
Newton Road, The Salterns. The garden was laid out in the early part of this century when Sir Warden Chilcott owned the house. It contains some mature trees and shrubs particularly rhododendrons and azaleas; the ground slopes towards the river. The brick wall at the bottom of the garden is possibly part of the old chemical works on the shore.     SU 499 051
0708 69
Hook Spit. Viewing point looking up river to Warsash, Hamble and beyond, across to Hamble Point and Southampton Water and down Southampton Water across the Solent to the Isle of Wight.     SU 488 051
0708 74
Shore Road and Passage Lane. A much enjoyed view over the Hamble mouth and Southampton Water; a seat has been provided and is a much appreciated resting place on the hill.     SU 490 061
0708 120
Little Abshot Road, Abshot Pond. Opposite entrance to Great Abshot Farm. Once very overgrown but now cleared.     SU 517 058
0708 79
Brook Lane. Adjacent to Brook Cottage, an oak tree retained after road widening with the pavement built around it, in an important position at the entrance to Warsash.     SU 497 071
0708 78
Brook Lane. Some individual trees, mainly monterey pine, and five groups of trees of various species, in the garden of No. 43.     TPO 25 - FBC
SU 494 065
0708 127
Mariner's Way, Hook park. A large cedar of lebanon in the garden of a house in Mariner's Way, retained from the former parkland of Hook House.     SU 496 049
0708 82
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