Hampshire Treasures

Volume 10 ( Fareham)

Page 94 - Warsash

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Pond Bay
A substantial earthwork dam crosses a small tributary of Hook Lake. The bulk of the dam is on the south side of the stream, but it is continued on the north side on a smaller scale. The gap probably represents a point where there was a sluice. There is no evidence of industrial works in the area, so that the purpose of the dam is not known.     SU 508 059
0708 19
Post Medieval
Salterns Site
The area surrounding the grid reference given was described on a C.17 estate map as 'the olde salteron'. In 1955 the only remains of the salterns were two embanked enclosures, which were probably the feed or catch ponds. These areas have now been further reduced and incorporated into ornamental gardens surrounding the School of Maritime Studies. The banks of the enclosures on the water side were further altered and strengthened to form the sea wall, so there is no evidence of sluices or feed channels remaining. The evaporation pans were probably situated to the south, on land which has now been reclaimed for pasture. SMR SU40NE12.     SU 491 054
0708 134
Group C - Footpaths, Bridleways and Old Travelways
No. 3. Shore footpath from Warsash to Swanwick. Sea wall and footpath now repaired to Wendleholme, leads to ferry hard and alongside the Nature Reserve.     SU 488 063
0708 92
No. 9. Joining Newtown Road and shore footpath, running between the two properties known as Griffins and Grooms. Mid C.19 route to the old chemical and iron smelting works on the shore.     SU 492 057
0708 93
No. 10. From Newtown Road south of the College of Maritime Studies to the shore, through fields with gorse, bramble and areas of reeds to the south.     SU 492 052
0708 104
No. 11. From Hook Point, along the edge of Hook Lake across Hook Park Road, alongside Hook Woodland and parklands to re-cross Hook Park Road, along Cow Lane across field to Hook Shore. Much of this path crosses the Nature Reserve and has good views across it.     SU 493 050
0708 106
No. 12. Begins near Dormy House, across parkland and Moor Hill and through Griggs Hill woodland to Fleet End Road. Almost entirely through the Nature Reserve.     SU 496 050
0708 107
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