Hampshire Treasures

Volume 11 ( Portsmouth)

Page 63 - Cosham

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group 2 - Natural Features
Many trees, mainly beech, in the gardens of houses in Dell Close, and an oak in a garden in Greenlea Close.     TPO No. 1
SU 668 065
2703 12
Christchurch Gardens. A sycamore in the grounds of No. 14 and a beech in the grounds of No. 21.     TPO No. 3
SU 669 066
2703 28
Nos. 42-46 Magdala Road. Trees of various species in the grounds of the above properties.     TPO No. 25
SU 659 053
2703 14
Southlands, Havant Road. Many trees of different varieties, mainly horse chestnut, in the grounds of Southlands, and the surrounding developed area.     TPO No. 29
SU 661 054
2703 15
Magdala Road/Widley Court. Many different species mainly in the gardens of the properties in the area.     TPO No. 55
SU 660 053
2703 22
Old Wymering Parish Church and environs. Many different species both in and surrounding Old Wymering Conservation Area.     TPO No. 56
CA (part)
SU 650 056
2703 23
No. 87 High Street. A single lime situated at the rear of the property. It is reputed to be the only surviving tree of the original planting of Old Cosham Estate, it could therefore be 100 years old.     TPO No. 59
SU 657 053
2703 24
Jubilee Home, Wymering. Italian elder, norway maple, sycamore, ash, horse chestnut and silver birch, standing to the front of the property.     TPO No. 73
SU 651 055
2703 25
Christ Church, Portsdown. Many trees of different species, mainly beech, scots pine, and lime situated in the area around the church.     TPO No. 75
SU 668 065
2703 26
Southlands, Havant Road. Cosham. This order, supplementary to No. 29 covers several lime, beech and horse chestnut, which have become significant due to the demolition of Southlands and the redevelopment of the area.     TPO No. 76
SU 661 056
2703 27
View Point
Portsdown Hill, Cosham. Outstanding panoramic view encompassing Southampton, Portsmouth, the Isle of Wight and Chichester.     SSSI
SU 657 063
2703 19
Open Space
Portsdown Site of Special Scientific Interest. Part of the ward is included in this site, which is managed by the local authorities as an open space. The long south facing slopes support relatively rich chalk grassland flora and a rich and diverse insect fauna. The grid references given indicate the westerly and easterly extent of the SSSI in this ward.     SSSI
SU 648 066
2703 29
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