Hampshire Treasures

Volume 11 ( Portsmouth)

Page 115 - Highland

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group 2 - Natural Features
St. George's Road, Eastney. Several trees of different species including a red twigged lime, a sycamore and a belt of evergreen oak.     TPO No. 48
SU 663 985
2707 12
Collins Road. Mature trees along the street, boulevard style.     SZ 661 988
2707 67
Clovelly Road. Mature trees along both footways, east and westsides of road, in boulevard arrangement.     SZ 662 995
2707 104
Devonshire Avenue. Maturetrees principally flowering cherry and silver birch along north and south footways.     SZ 661 994
2707 106
Essex Road. Mature trees in boulevard style the whole length of the street on both sides.     SZ 661 997
2707 95
Henderson/Eastney Roads. Former public house site, the building was demolished some years ago and the site landscaped. The trees are now reaching mature stage and form the main feature of this important corner site at a traffic junction.     SZ 665 990
2707 78
Lindley Avenue. Mature trees in boulevard style along the street.     SZ 661 987
2707 68
Selsey Avenue. Mature trees along footways.     SZ 661 985
2707 69
Woodmancote Road. Trees along footways on both sides of street. Some replanting on north side in recent years.     SZ 663 995
2707 105
Open Space
Bransbury Park. Reclaimed land, formerly an inlet from Langstone Harbour now an immensely valuable open space in this densely developed part of the city, it contains many trees. The park is in two parts with playing fields including a permanent miniature railway track. The smaller part is in the form of a formal garden with flower beds and trees, mainly birch and ash, having the effect of a village green for this neighbourhood. The grid reference given locates the central point of the park.     SZ 668 993
2707 83
Open Space
Canoe Lake and its environs, between St. Helen's Parade and Esplanade. A water scene amidst attractive parkland a splendid public amenity. Originally the pond at Lumps Farm.     CA
SZ 655 983
2707 34
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