Hampshire Treasures

Volume 11 ( Portsmouth)

Page 116 - Highland

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group 3 - Man-made Features
Brading Avenue
No. 1. Two storeys, detached, brick built, now painted. Splayed brick bays at both storeys, with stone sills and gable apex, projecting flat tiled canopy over upper bay with side angled timbers supported on corbels. Timber verandah at second storey level along the side and part of the front elevation over the porch to the entrance doorway. Forecourt. Panelled brick wall and capped gate pillars.     SZ 660 985
2707 53
Nos. 3 and 5. Two storey semi-detached. Slate roof. Brick bays to both storeys with faience panel between the bays, slate tops to the bays running at three angles to the three sides of the splays. Similar to Nos. 19 and 21.     SZ 660 985
2707 52
Nos. 11 and 13, and Nos. 15 and 17. Semi-detached, two storeys brick built. Brick bays to both storeys with uniform splays, surmounted by half hipped gables, similar to Nos. 19 and 21.     SZ 660 986
2707 51
Nos. 19 and 21. Semi-detached, two storey brick built. Slate roofs with ornate ridge tiles and terracotta finials. Chimney stacks overhanging and projecting from the long wall. Half-hipped gables over the bays on front elevation, at upper storey splayed in brick. Square bays at lower storey with stone lintel and mullions. Faience panel between the bays. Gables on timber supports to corbels. Exposed rafters on side elevations. Also these elevations have a string course about 2 ft below eaves with pebble dash render in the margin. Entrance on side elevation with ornamental stone doorway and lintel with pediment. Forecourts. Panelled brick wall with chamfered black bricks, topped with moulded stone. Stone capped gate pillars.     SZ 660 986
2707 50
Bransbury Road
Nos. 12, 13, 14 and 15, Bransbury Terrace, two storeys, brick built, in echelon arrangement. Tablet inscribed 'A.D. 1913' on upper frontage. Stone bays at ground floor. Ochre bricks in 'quoin style' at corners and doorways and on reveals, also at end of terrace. Pilaster divides window into two sashes at first floor. White render between eaves and string course. Doorway surmounted by rounded arch. Slate roof with highly ornate ridge tiles. Overhanging chimney stacks. Parapet over porch at eves height. Small forecourts, moulded cement fret mounted on low wall to front of forecourt.     SZ 668 992
2707 82
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