Hampshire Treasures

Volume 11 ( Portsmouth)

Page 132 - Highland

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Southsea Esplanade
Lumps Fort. Coastal defence fort built circa 1860 now partially dismantled and used as a rose garden. The south facing ramparts survive. A red brick wall to the north with stone gate pillars still remains. Some concrete work, possibly World War II gun emplacements, is still in situ.     CA
SZ 658 984
2707 23
Spencer Road
Nos. 1 and 3. Two storeys, detached, brick built. Tiled roof. Double fronted, splayed brick bays at both storeys to one side of central doorway and stone splayed bays to the other side. The brick bays have vertical sash windows surmouted by cambered brick arch, and stone sills. The stone bays have richly decorated carving between the storeys. Central doorway has Gothic brick arch and shaped drip mould. Forecourts. Panelled brick wall with half round top and tiled gable-style gate pier tops.     SZ 658 985
2707 48
No. 5. Two storeys, detached, brick built. Double fronted. Similar to Nos. 1 and 3 except that instead of stone bays, this house has bays constructed of brick pilasters standing on stone sills and supporting stone lintels, at both storeys. The central doorway has a brick cambered arch which is accentuated by a drip mould which is echoed on the first floor brick bay. Forecourts, with walls similar to Nos. 1 and 3. There are several similar houses in this street.     SZ 658 985
2707 49
Nos. 2, 4 and 6. Three, detached two storey brick dwellings. Double fronted with splayed stone bays at both storeys and decorated sill supports. Vertical sash windows. Recessed porch with original exterior and inside doors. Slender vertical windows each side of porch which has decorated cream ceramic tiles in vertical lines at sides. Forecourts. Gate pillars with flat overhanging capstones.     SZ 658 985
2707 64
Teddington Road
Nos. 33-53. A two storey terrace. Flat bays at both storeys, the fenestration being divided by pilasters into two windows. Gable over the bays faced with half-round tile hanging. Ornate lintel over the front door. Forecourts.     SZ 663 994
2707 101
Wimborne Road
Nos. 6-52. Terrace of two storeys, brick built. Splayed stone bays at both floors with ornate stonework. Gables over the bays with ornate ridge tiles and finial, also with bargeboards. Impressive ornate cast-iron twin canopies over front doors which adjoin in pairs. Front gardens with low brick walls.     SZ 660 991
2707 72
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