Hampshire Treasures

Volume 11 ( Portsmouth)

Page 143 - Milton

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Description and DateRemarksProtectionGrid Ref. and
Punchcard No.
Group 2 - Natural Features
Milton Villa. Two flowering cherry, two sycamore and a horse chestnut in the grounds of the property.     TPO No. 10
SZ 662 999
2709 03
St. James' Church, Milton Road. White birch, flowering cherry, sycamore, killarney strawberry and several lime trees in the grounds of the vicarage and the church.     TPO No. 53
SZ 664 998
2709 14
No. 54 Carisbrook Road. A single magnolia in the garden.     TPO No. 57
SZ 661 999
2709 13
Open Space
Milton Park. A tree lined park opened in 1923, with bowling greens, tennis courts and a children's playground. Grid reference locates the centre.     SZ 663 998
2709 15
Group 3 - Man-made Features
Church View
Nos. 5 and 6. A pair, white stuccoed, two storey, thought to be dated circa 1840.     SU 665 000
2709 04
Hayling Avenue
St. Cuthbert's. By E. Stanley Hall 1914-15. Red brick structure with flanking tower. Interior is divided into three main spaces, the nave of two shallow domed bays, the chancel tunnel-vaulted. The spaces separated by brick-faced arches. The internal spatial arrangement is akin to that of a basilica. East end damaged during the war and rebuilt by John Grey, east window, by Osmund Caine, 1959.     SU 662 011
2709 06
The Vicarage. By E. Stanley Hall, 1924. Red brick with decorative bands of tiles above ground and first floor windows. Tiled roof, central section flanked by two lower, gabled sections. Bays to south and north on main section ground floor. Small paned casement windows. Round-headed main entrance door faces the church, next to the entrance is a long staircase window. A plaque by the door gives date and architects name.     SU 662 011
2709 05
Locksway Road
St. James Hospital. Large purpose-built mental hospital, by G. Rake. Built of red bricks with stone dressings, hospital complex incorporates a Chapel in the grounds, which also contain many fine trees.     SZ 672 999
2709 17
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