Maps of Hampshire Landscape

This page gives you access to a range of maps depicting Historic Landscape character.

The map extracts included on this site are derived directly from the GIS map base.

The Hampshire HistoricLandscape map

The Hampshire Historic Landscape map (951kb)



Crown copyright 2001. All rights reserved. Use of this image Ordnance Survey limited to viewing online and printing one copy. LA 076651

These maps of Historic landscape types and groups are very large jpeg files:

The selection of five parishes have been chosen to illustrate five different parts of Hampshire's historic landscape in more detail. These sections provide more detailed information through Historic Landscape maps, Aerial photographs and links to the parish web sites The parishes available for closer analysis are:

HCC roseBramshill HCC roseRingwood
HCC roseEversley HCC roseStockbridge
HCC roseHythe and Dibden

HCC roseHistoric Landscape Types

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