Outline Methodology

The underlying rationale adopted for mapping Hampshire's historic landscape characteristics was as follows:

Over 80 Historic Landscape Types were identified and have been digitally mapped for use within Hampshire County Council's GIS system. This allows the user to view multiple combinations of historic characteristics, and to analyse the distribution and location of historic landscape characteristics in relation to other datasets within the GIS system, including archaeology, ecology, Historic Parks and Gardens, landscape character, and geographical and administrative areas, including districts and parishes. The Detailed Methodology page gives further details of the assessment methods, and the outline Historic Landscape Types listing provides basic information about the categories used to map Hampshire's historic landscape character, which can again be followed up in more detail. A brief outline of the county's historic landscape characteristics is to be found at Hampshire's Historic Landscape Character which provides links to statistical information derived from the GIS.

There are many potentially fruitful areas for future work on the historical and archaeological character of Hampshire. See the User Opportunities page for further suggestions.

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