Historic Landscape Categories : Outline

The basis of the historic landscape mapping of Hampshire is the definition of historic landscape categories subdivided into "types". These are defined on the basis of physical patterns of land cover which have observable historical characteristics, both ancient and modern. Below is a list of the basic categories that were devised for the project. Each landscape type has a detailed description as well as photographic examples. The Historic Landscape Types: full listing page gives a breakdown of each category with each landscape type divided into its various subsections. Finally there is a page that displays pie charts giving a breakdown of the proportion of land covered by different groups of historic landscape types. The page entitled community landscape issues, the project shows how the Historic Landscape Character of Hampshire parishes can be broken down.

Danebury : An example of an ancient landscape

Burghclere an example of the many periods of landscape within Hampshire. Here evidence of prehistoric and modern land types are available.

1 Field Patterns
2 Commons
3 Horticulture
4 Woodland
5 Heathland
6 Downland
7 Valley Floor and Water Management
8 Coastal
9 Settlements
10 Parkland and Designed Landscape
11 Recreation
12 Extractive and other Industry
13 Inland Communication Facilities
14 Military and Defence

HCC roseHistoric Landscape Types: Full Listing.
HCC roseHistoric Landscape Categories: Details with photographic examples
HCC rosePie Graphs of Historic landscape types for Hampshire
HCC roseCommunity landscape issues

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