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There are many areas within the National Curriculum where School Travel Plan activities can be included. Within the revised National Curriculum for England there are specific references related to journeys to and from school. For example, within Citizenship and PSHE there are issues such as healthy and physical activity, road traffic, road safety and sustainability. Schools also find that the work they do on their School Travel Plan often fits with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) policies, School Development/Improvement Plans and Healthy Schools Validation (for further information on this please contact the School Travel Planning Team).

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Gateshead Council has produced a range of FREE curriculum resources, all online, for KS1 and 2. They are categorized by the key stage, subject and different ways to travel:



The following offers a brief overview of the ways in which travel issues can be included in the National Curriculum.

English/Literacy - Students could write a travel diary for a week outlining how they travelled to and from school each day explaining the good and bad aspects of their journey.  

Mathematics/Numeracy - Students could analyse travel survey results and produce statistics, graphs and tables.

Image of getting public transport to school Science - Students should be taught about the effect of exercise on the resting pulse rate (NC KS2) walking and cycling to school can help meet some of the government recommended guidelines on daily exercise and pulse rates can be measured before and after the journey to school.

Information and Communication Technology - Students could use software packages for surveys and data analysis.

Geography - Students could look at mapping routes,  or try a 'Planning for real' exercise to help identify routes to schools, dangers spots and ideas for improvements.

History - The history of cycling could be investigated by pupils, in particular, the changes in the designs of bikes.

Design and Technology - Students could produce posters designing road signs or design a front cover for the School Travel Plan.

Physical Education - Students could keep a log of physical activities over a week perhaps using a pedometer..

Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship - Students could investigate the impact of transport on the local and global environment.

Drama - Students could undertake role plays about road safety. 

School Councils may wish to undertake a project relating to school travel, or you may want to set up a School Travel Plan After School Club.