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Evaluation and Monitoring

You’ve done all the surveys and analysis, worked out your problem hot spots, identified actions and timescales and presented it all in your School Travel Plan. So what happens next? Please make sure that the School Travel Planning Team has had an opportunity to comment on a draft of your School Travel Plan before it is signed off by the Chair of your School Governors.

The completed School Travel Plan should then be sent to the School Travel Planning Team for assessment. If it fulfils our criteria you will be awarded a Level 3 certificate and will be considered for funding through the County Council's Sustainable and Healthy Access Routes Programme. While you should have received a visit from an engineer to help identify feasible infrastructure improvements during the development of your School Travel Plan; it is only once you have been awarded a Level 3 certificate that these measures identified in your plan are eligible for funding.

The role of the school does not end with the award of a Level 3 certificate. 

Image of a graph (free images: www.freeimages.co.uk)Following the annual review process, a school that has shown progress towards meeting one or more of their targets will be eligible for the “School Travel Planning Award”. Schools will also be entitled to use Hampshire’s “Excellence in School Travel Planning” accreditation mark on their headed paper. Schools must continue to monitor their School Travel Plan on an annual basis to be eligible to use the mark each year.

Your commitment to us and to your School Travel Plan:

  • To take part in the annual School Census (or a Hands-up survey if you are an independent school)

  • To undertake a formal review of your School Travel Plan, including a repeat of the whole
    school survey. This survey will need to ask the same questions as your original survey so they can be compared to see the impact of any actions already undertaken. You may also choose to ask some additional questions relating to specific projects already completed.

  • To submit an update copy of your School Travel Plan to the School Travel Planning Team including the results from your formal review and travel survey. This update may include new aims and objectives and identify some new projects that require funding. 

Assessment will be continuous through the life of the School Travel Plan.