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DCSF School Travel Plan Capital Grant Expenditure List

The School Travel Plan Capital Grant is an addition to schools' allocation of Devolved Formula Capital (DFC), and must therefore be spent on capital items.  It is for schools to determine how to spend their DFC.  The additional allocation is in recognition that a school's travel plan may have identified capital expenditure, on the school site, and the aim of this additional money is to enable and encourage more sustainable travel to school. 

Permitted expenditure

  1. Lockers.

  2. Cycle storage.

  3. Scooter storage.

  4. New access at school perimeter, only if it is on school land.

  5. New path for pedestrians and/or cyclists in school grounds.

  6. Wider paths in the school grounds.

  7. Drainage.

  8. Improved lighting in school grounds.

  9. CCTV.

  10. On site waiting area for pedestrians.

  11. On site shelter for pedestrians (eg parents waiting, pupils waiting for school buses in the school)

  12. Bus turning circle in school grounds.

  13. Guardrail.

  14. Traffic calming on school access roads in school grounds.

  15. New signing.

  16. Re-siting school fences to improve access.

  17. Car drop zones / turning circles / car parks in school grounds. Remote control entry system for a pedestrian gate.

  18. Trees to 'eat' CO2.

  19. Providing a laminated cycle 'passport' with a swipe-in chip for the secure store.

  20. Wet weather changing facilities, but not items such as hairdryers unless incidental to larger project.

Not permitted

  1. Seed money to start off a breakfast club.

  2. Cycle training courses when the instructors have to be paid and/or training of instructors.

  3. Cycle repair workshop equipment.

  4. Buying in expertise for STP-related issues.

  5. Staff time, eg, supervision at ‘park and stride’ drop-off points, attending STP working groups, input into STP activities such as car-share clubs.

  6. Extra responsibility points for teachers championing STPs.

  7. Publicity and promotional resources.

  8. Tabards for walking bus escorts/passengers.

  9. Trolleys for (walking bus) bags.

  10. Software - for mapping and surveys etc.

  11. Subsidised bike lights/helmets/hi viz/locks for people cycling to school.

  12. Markings to rationalise parking or improve safety of pupils in the vicinity of cars; unless part of larger project.

  13. Active play equipment.

Further information is available on Teachernet (www.teachernet.gov.uk/sdtravel)