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Identifying Solutions and Developing Initiatives

Once your surveys are completed, you will be able to identify the issues that are preventing your students and staff coming to and from school by methods other than the car.  

The next stage will be to start to develop an action plan and to start identifying solutions to solve the problems being.

As well as developing your own ideas on how this can be done, there are a range of measures and schemes, both within and outside the school grounds, that can be undertaken by The County Council and the school. Below are examples of some ideas you could consider and who is likely to be involved in their implementation.

Please note that some of the ideas may not be appropriate for your specific school.

Improved school warning signs including flashing lights HCC
"School Zone" markings to increase awareness of school location (which could include coloured anti-skid surfacing HCC
New/improved crossing points (to include tactile paving and reflective bollards) HCC
Improved bus stop facilities (either off or on the site) HCC
Additional pedestrian and/or cycle entrances HCC/School
New/improved lighting on footpaths or roads inside the school grounds HCC/School
Waiting shelters for parents/guardians, school bus shelters HCC/School
Cycle shelters and lockers HCC/School
Providing cycle and pedestrian training HCC/School
Setting up a walking bus HCC/School
Organise weekly Walk To School days and participate in the national Walk to School Week HCC/School
Cycle permits School
Reflective clothing and equipment for walkers/cyclists School
Setting up a car share register for the school HCC/School
Display and provide public transport information for new students/parents/guardians/all visitors to the site HCC/School
Speaking to the local community centre/pub/church requesting that they allow parking for a park and walk scheme School

Once you have a few ideas of the initiatives/measures you think would help, and ideas you would like to develop yourselves, you will need to contact the School Travel Planning Team as soon as possible.

We will go through your ideas and solutions with you and liaise with relevant colleagues within Hampshire County Council to look at the possibility of providing the measures.A school sign.

For “off site” highway works we will discuss the issues with our Traffic Management teams and discuss how to take the issues forward. For example, if you feel a speed survey would be of benefit, this can be arranged. The team will also work with the County Council’s Passenger Transport Group, Traffic Management and Road Safety Group to establish the feasibility of your initial ideas.

For “on site” grounds work, we will work with colleagues within the County Council’s Property, Business and Regulatory Services Department for their input and advice.

Some of the actions within your plan will be the schools’ responsibility to carry out and deliver.  These do not need to cost substantial amounts of money and should be easily achievable utilising the enthusiasm already generated while developing your plan.