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Interim Review Guidance

Interim review template

The interim review form is intended as a template for schools to enter their review results and insert into the Appendix of their travel plan document. Whilst each section is compulsory, the template can be adapted slightly to fit any additional information that schools may want to enter. This guidance note explains the review process, and how to fill in each section of the review template. However, if you have any queries about filling in the interim review form, please do not hesitate to contact the School Travel Planning Team

Why do a review?

Reviewing your travel plan is a great way to build on the work you are doing at your school. Carrying out another survey (full or hands-up) will hopefully provide an indication as to whether actions undertaken are being to take effect. Once your travel plan review has been approved we will send you a certificate and an accreditation mark to use on your headed paper, or as you wish. Although the DCSF grant was a one-off payment, schools who review their travel plan on an annual basis will be considered each year for the Safer Routes to School Programme. Carrying out a review is also a chance to liaise with your School Travel Plan Adviser, and find out about any other sources of funding and resources on offer.

Carrying out your review

An interim review should be undertaken every other year (alternating with a full review) and includes:

  • Travel survey - hands-up survey with pupils or School Census. Optional - parents/carers, pupils, staff, external partner (s)
  • Progress against targets and review of targets
  • Progress with the action plan

Travel survey

The interim review must include a survey of pupils and this must be a minimum of a hands-up survey or use of the School Census data (which can be obtained from the team).

In addition, the review may include a survey of parents/pupils, staff, external partner/s for example residents, community wardens etc. Survey forms (both paper and online) are available from the School Travel Planning Team and a consultation table is available if you wish to summarise all who you have consulted with, when and how.

Filling out the review form


Please use this section to update us on any changes since the original travel plan such as the number of pupils on roll, any new developments in the local area and new contacts for either the STP Champion of the working group. Please request to see a copy of our assessment tool to view which information may need updating.

SECTION 1 - Travel Survey

Survey results

For the pupil data, fill in the gaps in the bulleted list with your old data and new survey results. You should also say a little about the observations. For parents/carers, simply say how and when you carried out the survey and give a brief summary of the observations.

Issues arising from review travel survey

If you carry out more than just a hands-up survey, your travel surveys may highlight some new issues, or a difference in the severity of issues previously highlighted in the travel plan. Please give brief details of these and suggest reasons for them if possible.

SECTION 2 - Targets

Progress against targets set out in the original.

Please complete the table to show how you are progressing with each of your targets. If you do not think that you are on your way to meeting a target, mark the 'may be in need of review' box. EXAMPLE:

Target Achieved? Still on target? Maybe in need of revision?
To increase walking from 40% to 50% by July 2008 X   X

SECTION 3 - Action Plan

Please enter all the measures/initiatives from your action plan into the table below. EXAMPLE:

Measure/Initiative Undertaken Not yet undertaken but still within timescale Not yet undertaken and is outside of original timescale
To ensure all children receive road safety training by April 2007   X  
To set up a walking bus by July 2007    


Any problems/barriers encountered with any actions not undertaken successfully and suggested solutions FOR EXAMPLE: The walking bus is yet to be implemented because we are waiting for a new intake of parents to seek volunteers. A request will be sent to all parents in September.

Achievements/success stories - this is not compulsory though it would be good practice to include details about what you have spent your Capital Grant on and how this has assisted you with meeting your aims and objectives.


When completing the template, you must include items marked with * in your review and submit copies to the school travel planning team. Your review survey results and a comparison with previous results should be inserted into the bulleted list, and a revised/updated action plan should be attached to the survey template along with sample survey forms, where appropriate, that you used to survey each group.