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Travel Plan information for parents and guardians

Your child’s school is currently working with Hampshire County Council to produce a School Travel Plan. This leaflet aims to answer some common questions received from parents and guardians.

What is a School Travel Plan?

It is a document produced by the school community that looks at how children travel on the journey to and from school, as well as setting out a number of aims or targets which could include:

  • Improving safety for all children on their journey to school.
  • Increasing the number of children who walk, cycle and use public transport on the school journey.
  • Helping to remove barriers that might prevent children from walking, cycling or using public transport.
  • Educating children in the benefits of walking and cycling and in essential road safety skills.
  • Widening the understanding of the whole school community of school travel issues.

Why is  the school developing a School Travel Plan?Cartoon image of congestion

Many schools have problems with congestion around the school gate while many parents do not feel it is safe to let their children walk or cycle to school. Levels of childhood obesity and asthma are also rising, so schools and parents/guardians are keen to find ways to help overcome these trends.

A School Travel Plan helps the school community identify problems along with looking at ways in which they can be reduced or solved. A School Travel Plan also helps schools to encourage children to walk, cycle, be healthier, safer and more aware of their environment. It is a whole school initiative that involves pupils, staff, parents/guardians and the local community.

How can I help?

To help develop the School Travel Plan, schools will ask children and/or their parents/guardians to complete a short travel survey. This will provide the school with information on how children currently travel to and from school and also any problems they may have on the school journey or reasons why they travel a certain way. This is your chance to put forward your opinions and experiences. Ask your school who their “School Champion” is. If you normally travel by car, you could also take this opportunity to try a different way of travelling to and from school with your child (even if it is just for a day!)

What happens next?

Cartoon image of a family walking together.When the school has collected all the information together an action plan is developed which lists how the school will meet its targets and aims. Actions will be identified for the school, pupils, parents/guardians and also others. This may include Hampshire County Council who has funding available to help schools with travel plans. Schools can bid for items within its school grounds such as cycle storage, improvements to their pedestrian/cyclist entrances or covered waiting areas for parents. Bidding for funding can also be for projects outside the school grounds such as better crossing facilities, more distinctive warning signs or improved footways.