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Walking and Cycling Pilot

The home to school transport initiative, ‘Does it have to be the car?’, from Hampshire County Council provides a range of alternatives to the car for the school run. As part of this initiative and in partnership with Rushmoor Borough Council, Hampshire County Council has set up a walking / cycling incentive scheme in the Farnborough area

 The aim of the scheme is to trial a range of ways to encourage pupils to either walk or cycle to school instead of travelling by car. Seven schools have been involved in the pilot, and the focus has currently been on encouraging walking to school in primary schools and cycling to school at secondary schools. The schools involved are;

  • North Farnborough Infant School
  • St Patrick's Catholic VA Primary School
  • Farnborough Grange Nursery and Infant School
  • Parsonage Farm Nursery and Infant School
  • St Bernadette's Catholic VA Primary School
  • South Farnborough Junior School
  • St Mark's C E Aided Primary School

A number of resources have been offered to the schools including Walk to School materials (including classroom charts, stickers, diaries for pupils, bookmarks, certificates and parents leaflets), a giant inflatable globe (for use with Walk to School materials), reflective/fluorescent umbrellas for pupils and parents; fluorescent tabards; stickers; reflective clip-on badges and pedometers.

Photo of resources available

Schools have also been provided with educational material to raise awareness of a variety of issues such as travel plans, road safety and environmental pollution and 4 schools benefited from a Theatre in Education play ‘what if it rains?’

 A bike roadshow (for further information see cycling futures (pdf)) has been organised at one primary school (Fernhill Primary School) and one secondary school (The Wavell Secondary School) to provide pupils with the opportunity to test new bikes and learn about safety. The roadshow at the Wavell School was launched by Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Ken Thornber on 21 June and was a great success. Martyn Baxter, Deputy Headteacher at The Wavell School said The students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to try various bikes... children who were nervous or apprehensive tried out bikes and enjoyed the experience, children with disabilities also participated fully and had a great time..  close to 175 students in Year 7 were involved”


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