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Information for New or Expanding Schools

Some schools may be asked to produce a School Travel Plan if they have submitted a Planning Application to the Local Authority. The Government's Planning Policy Guidance Note 13 (PPG13) on Transport has the following guidelines:

Travel Plans

"There is no standard format or content for travel plans, and they may have a variety of names (such as green transport plans, company travel plans and school travel plans). 

The Government considers that travel plans should be submitted alongside planning applications which are likely to have significant transport implications, including those for.....new and expanded school facilities which should be accompanied by a school travel plan which promotes safe cycle and walking routes, restricts parking and car access at and around schools, and includes on-site changing and cycle storage facilities...

Where travel plans are to be submitted alongside a planning application, they should be worked up in consultation with the local authority and local transport providers. They should have measurable outputs, which might relate to targets in the local transport plan, and should set out the arrangements for monitoring the progress of the plan, as well as the arrangements for enforcement, in the event that agreed objectives are not met."

How We Can Help

Schools who are required to produce a School Travel Plan will be given the Hampshire County Council School Travel Plan Leaflet by either the County Architects or County Education. Schools can contact the School Travel Plan Co-ordinator for advice at any time.

To help determine levels of current School Travel Plan (STP) activity in Hampshire and to assist in the determination of Planning Applications (where a STP is required) the County Council has devised assessment criteria for schools developing and implementing STPs. Schools will need to reach Level Three in order for their School Travel Plan to be approved by the School Travel Plan Co-ordinator.