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Step by Step Process Diagram

The table below lists out which actions will be undertaken at the various levels by the school, and which actions will be carried out by the School Travel Planning Team (STPT) and/or Safer Routes to School (SRTS).

Level 0            Level 3
Level 1            Level 4
Level 2

Stage School Actions STP Team Actions
0 1 School contacts STPT (School Travel Planning Team) for information on School Travel Plans. Information is sent to school and a meeting is arranged.
1 2

School identifies a “Champion” who will lead the project (may be anyone connected with the school such as a teacher, governor or parent/guardian).

School also sets up a working party to assist the champion. A list of consultees is also agreed.

Member of STPT meet with school representatives and provides a resource pack, offer mapping services and curriculum resources.

  3 School undertakes travel survey of staff and pupils. Leaflets should be sent to parents and other interested parties to explain why the school is developing a School Travel Plan (STP) and invite any comments. STPT offers advice on undertaking survey and providing copies of the leaflets.  STPT assist school with introducing STP related issues into the curriculum.
  4 Results of survey are collated. Issues and problems are identified from the results. School contacts STP Team to request a visit. STPT member and engineer meet with school champion to discuss feasible solutions to issues identified.
  5 School champion draws up an action plan based on the advice from the STPT and engineer (if necessary.  
2 6 School champion and working party produce School Travel Plan and ensure draft is sent to STPT and consultees identified at stage 2. STPT provide feedback on draft.
3 7 School finalises School Travel Plan and submits it to STPT. STP should now be included in the School Development/Improvement Plan. STP should be signed off by the chair of governors. STPT pass School Travel Plan to Sustainable and Healthy Access Routes Programme Manager engineers to be considered for funding. (SHAR may not always be needed).
  8 STP should now be marketed by the school with help from the STPT if necessary.  
  9   SRTS engineers contact school to discuss funding and timescales.
4 10 School takes part in annual School Census and undertakes annual review of actions and targets. STPT offers assistance with review. If criteria are met then School receive “School Travel Planning Award”.
  11 If new actions are identified through the STP review a new bid may be made for Sustainable and Healthy Access Routes funding via the STPT. STPT make new bid for funding if necessary.