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Reviewing your travel plan

Reviewing your travel plan is very important in order to evaluate how successful you have been or on your way to achieving your aims and objectives. Full reviews should be undertaken every two years, within interim reviews taking place in alternate years. For example, if a school's travel plan is approved in March 2009, an interim review would be required in March 2010 and a full review would be undertaken in March 2011. As there are an increasing number of schools producing travel plans, there has consequently been more schools asking for guidance on how to go about reviewing their plans.

The School Travel Planning Team have therefore produced guidance on how to carry out a full and interim review, and are pleased to announce the launch of a formal accreditTravel Plan Award logoation scheme for schools who demonstrate excellence in school travel planning.

The Travel Plan Award can be displayed on headed paper and websites to celebrate the work that many schools are doing. It is a voluntary scheme, but schools must meet the minimum criteria in order to qualify. A certificate will also be awarded for those completing the full review. To summarise;

- Interim review - carried out bi-annually using your school census and you will receive an accreditation mark.

- Full review - carried out bi-annually (alternating with interim reviews). You will receive both the accreditation mark and a certificate for that year.

In addition, by receiving the award and reviewing your travel plan, you may also be considered for further funding from Hampshire's Safer Routes to School programme.

If you are considering reviewing your travel plan and/or would like to arrange a visit with a member of the team, then please contact the School Travel Planning Team. This is particularly important for those schools who submitted their travel plan prior to March 2006 as the criteria has changed in several areas since these travel plans would have been approved.