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School Travel Plan Levels

To help determine levels of current School Travel Plan (STP) activity in Hampshire and to assist in the determination of Planning Applications (where a STP is required) the County Council has devised assessment criteria for schools developing and implementing STPs (defined below).

Level One Working Towards a School Travel Plan (STP)

A school that has taken ownership of travel issues and is keen to implement measures to address and resolve them.

(Two out of three criteria to be met to define a school as level one)

  • School Travel Initiatives in place, for example:
    • HCC approved walking initiative
    • HCC approved cycling initiative
  • STP presentation to school by STP coordinator or delegated other
  • Named contact within the school for STP

Level Two Draft School Travel Plan (STP)

A school that has prepared and submitted a draft STP (that includes specific targets and actions) in consultation with the school community. (Both of the criteria to be met to define a school as Level Two)

  • Representative Working Group established with terms of reference
  • Draft STP produced and submitted to the School Travel Plan Co-ordinator, including:
    • Outline of current situation and survey
    • Specific measurable targets
    • Action plan (including dates)
    • Plans for monitoring

Level Three Active School Travel Plan (STP)

A school that has had its STP adopted by the school community, and submits annual progress reports with supporting evidence of achievements. School requiring a STP as part of a Planning Application will need to achieve Level Three for their STP to be approved by the School Travel Plan Co-ordinator.

(Both of the criteria to be met to define school as Level Three - Schools should also have taken part in the annual hands-up survey)

  • STP adopted by the Full Governing Body and included within the School Development Plan
  • Annual review of STP and targets and evidence of progress achieved