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School Travel Plans information for students

Your school is currently working with Hampshire County Council to produce a School Travel Plan. This note explains what this means and how you can be involved.

What is a School Travel Plan?

It is a document produced by the school community that looks at how students, staff and visitors travel to and from school, as well as setting out a number of aims or targets which could include:

  • Increasing the number of students who walk, cycle and use public transport on the school journey.
  • Helping to remove barriers that might prevent students from walking, cycling or using public transport.
  • Improving safety for all students on their journey to school.
  • Educating students of the benefits of walking and cycling and in essential road safety skills.
  • Widening the understanding of the whole school community of school travel issues.

Why is the school developing a School Travel Plan?

Image of a bus stop (Image: www.freeimages.co.uk)Many schools have problems with congestion around the school gate while some parents/guardians and students do not feel it is safe to walk or cycle to and from school. A Travel Plan helps schools to encourage students to walk, cycle and use public transport as well as being healthier, safer and more aware of their environment. It is a whole school initiative that involves students, staff, parents/guardians and the local community.

How can I get involved?

To help develop the School Travel Plan, you will be asked  to complete a short travel survey. This will provide information on how you currently travel to and from school, as well as any problems you may have on the school journey or reasons why you travel in a certain way.

This is your chance to put forward your opinions and experiences. You may enjoy cycling but would like to see better bike shelters or maybe you would like a safer crossing point on a particular road.

Your teachers may also ask you to produce work related to the School Travel Plan in your lessons. This might include working with maps, or writing a travel diary which will help your school develop the plan.

This is also an opportunity for you to think about changing the way you currently travel (if you come by car) even if it is just for a day!

What happens next?

When the school has collected all the necessary information together, an action plan is developed which lists how the school will meet its targets and aims. Actions will then be identified for members of staff, students, parents/guardians and many others. This will then be developed into the School Travel Plan and your school will receive a certificate for completing the Plan. There may also be money available from Hampshire County Council for some of the actions contained in the School Travel Plan.