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Hampshire's 'School Travel Plans' logoWhat is a School Travel Plan?

A School Travel Plan is a document produced by the whole school community and any other interested parties. It looks at how students, staff and visitors travel to and from school, and should contain measures intended to: 

  • improve safety
  • encourage students, parents, guardians and staff to walk and cycle
  • encourage children, parents, guardians and staff to use bus and train services
  • encourage educational programmes relating to child travel and how this links to the local and global environment, safety and health
  • encouraging a reduction in carbon emissions on journeys to school.

In brief, the School Travel Plan will identify current issues and concerns with respect to the whole journey to and from school using survey forms, and experience from problems encountered by all users. After establishing any problems or issues, the School Travel Plan will set out aims, objectives and targets which try to alleviate these and help to promote safety and healthier lifestyles by supporting alternative methods of travel to the car wherever possible. 

The document is prepared by the school in consultation with a range of stakeholders and the support of the County Council School Travel Planning Team.

Cartoon image of a School Travel Plan meeting