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walking bus logoFrequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can we obtain fluorescent and reflective waistcoats/jackets?

A. Waistcoats/jackets can be purchased from many retailers as well as the Road Safety Team. Another option is to approach local and national businesses for sponsorship. Kia Motors may supply waistcoats/jackets and an information pack. 01892 513454. www.kia.co.uk

Q. Can parents with pushchairs be part of the bus?

A. Parents with pushchairs or younger children cannot be part of the child to conductor ratio.
Please contact the STP team regarding pre-school children as new guidance is being produced.

Q. Can I walk my dog and be part of the bus?

A. No.

Q. How many children can be part of the bus?

A. The bus should carry a maximum of 20 passengers. If there are more than 20 children arrangements will have to be made to have another bus.

Q. What happens if a volunteer is unable to walk one day

A. Any volunteer who is not able to walk due to sickness or annual leave must notify the walking bus co-ordinator as soon as possible so that the rota can be adjusted in time for the walking bus to continue operating

Q. Can anyone else stand in for me?

A. It is only possible for someone to stand in for a volunteer if they are on the list of trained personnel on record at the school and Hampshire County Council.

Q. Should volunteers have mobile phones when taking part in the walking bus?

A. Yes it would be advisable for at least one volunteer to have a mobile phone so that it is possible to contact a) the co-ordinator for advice, b) the school if the bus is late and c) the emergency services if necessary.

Q. Does the bus need a timetable?

A. Yes, it is necessary to have a strict timetable so that all parents are aware of the times when the bus will arrive at each bus stop. The bus cannot wait for latecomers. If a child misses the bus then it is their parentsí responsibility to see that they arrive at school safely.

Q. Is a register necessary?

A. Yes it is important that each child that joins the bus is accounted for when arriving at school.

Q. What training is needed?

A. A member of the School Travel Plan Team needs to visit the school and train the volunteers using the approved route.


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